Xanxus ( Varia Boss )

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Xanxus ( Varia Boss )

Post by Hinagiku on Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:52 pm

Name : Xanxus
Title : Varia boss
Summary :Xanxus is the current leader of the varia ,Vongola Ninth's Adopted son, and was the main antagonist of the varia arc.

Main attribute : Agility
Attack range : 500

Stats. Str 14 Agi 21 Int 15


[Q] Scoppio d'lra
Description: An attack that requires the use of the dying will x guns. Xanxus unleashes a barrage of flame simultaneously that, because of their high density and grouping, appear to fuse together  into one large super-powerful blast. Deals damage to first enemy and nearby within 300 AOE.
Target type: Point
Damage type: Ninjutsu

Level 1 - Agi x3
Level 2 - Agi x4
Level 3 - Agi x5
Level 4 - Agi x6
Level 5 - Agi x7

Cooldown 20/21/22/23/24 Seconds

[W]Boccialo De Fiamma
Description: Another attack that requires the use of the x guns. Xanxus uses only one gun to fly around the target and another to shoot his target from different angles to form a flower bud at the target's feet. Deal damage per hit attack. Max shooting 30 hit
Target point : Unit
Damage type : Ninjutsu

Level 1 - 10 Damage per hit
Level 2 - 20 Damage per hit
Level 3 - 30 Damage per hit
Level 4 - 40 Damage per hit
Level 5 - 50 Damage per hit

Cooldown: 21/22/23/24/25 Seconds

[E]Colpo d' Addido
Description: A stronger version of Scoppio de lra where xanxus charges up energy in his guns and fires two super-powerful shots with the same or more power than Scoppio de lra. Deal damage to the enemy within 450 AOE
Target type : Point
Damage type : Ninjutsu

Level 1 - 100 Damage
Level 2 - 200 Damage
Level 3 - 300 Damage
Level 4 - 400 Damage
Level 5 - 500 Damage

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

[R]Mantelo Defienma
Description: The strongest version of Scoppio de lra and Xanxu's strongest move. Release Multi Thousand shot shoot enemy
Spell type : Target

Level 1 - 800  Damage
Level 2 -1200 Damage
Level 3 -1700 Damage

Cooldown: 60/65/70 Seconds

[T]Ligre Tempesta Di Cielo
Description: Ligre Tempesta Di Cielo, also called bester, is Xanxus's animal type box weapon. Orginally thought to be Leone di Cielo ( Sky lion ), Bester is actually a mixed breed between a sky lion and tigre tempesta di cielo (ligre of storm and sky ). Xanxus's box weapon has the ability to change from a lion to tiger when xanxus wants it to. Stone enemy in line. After 4 seconds, the stone will broke. Deal damage to the enemy
Target type : Point
Target damage : Genjutsu

Level 1 - 2000 Damage and stone for 5 seconds

Cooldown:  80 seconds

Gear Ability:
[G]Martello Di Fiamma
Description: The strongest version of Scoppio d'lra and xanxu's strongest mode. Shoot 40 dying will fire bullet to the random target area. Deal damage for each bullet to a unit within 200 AOE.
Target type : Point
Damage type : ninjutsu

Level 1 - x1 Agi damage

Cooldown: 80 Seconds

All grammatical mistakes are intentional , i am just typing whatever is written on the skills


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